Meet the Kinekt Ambassadors!

Rasmus Ottosen

Malmö Sweden

Hi World

My name is Rasmus, born and raised in Denmark, Currently living in Malmö Sweden. I am a passionate Cargobiker and ride my Bullitt every day, if it ain’t the work/home commute then it’s a trip to the bridge leading over to Denmark, the local park, pub, supermarket or kids pickup.

For me getting a car or driver’s license has never been a viable option, I’ve always been able to use local transport like bus or train.Back in 2014 things changed a bit, and the need for some local city Adventures was at an all-time high. Fast forward 18.000 kilometres and some years I’ve seen most of the city, explored and enjoyed so much of what the lifestyle has to offer by bike only.

Early 2018 I decide to go all in on Instagram to document it all, the first name was cargobikevlogg but that got changed into Cargobikester, unfortunately I had to change that as well due to some legal stuff, now its @cargobikstar. Outside the Cargobike world I am a dad, educated Chef now working with Telco solutions, sales and project leading

Andreas Mauer

Frankfurt Germany

Hello, my name is Andreas and I will cycle the world by bike. I started in Germany/Frankfurt at the beginning of may in 2022 and will finish my trip in 2024. Yet I am heading toward east and I am very exited of all coming people who I will meet and beatiful landscapes that I will see. Going by bike is my preferred was of traveling in that way that everything can be taken to be self-sufficient.