The Revolutionary Stem

Introducing the Revolutionary Stem that is designed to reduce arm, wrist, and shoulder discomfort. Adjustable, Compact, and built to last. The Ultimate Upgrade™

Kinekt Suspension

More comfort. More control. Less fatigue.

The Ultimate Upgrade

Experience how the patented Active Suspension System™ adepts to the any terrain.

How it works

With the exclusive Kinekt-technology, you are able to fine tune your ride, without affecting your seat height! The Kinekt system only comes into effect when you really need it.

Enjoy Your Ride

Wether you are riding an E-bike, cargo bike or a gravel bike, we always strive to give you the most comfortable ride in the world!

Suspension seat post in a cargo bike

1. Insert Kinekt Seatpost to bike, then attach your saddle.

2. Adjust spring to preferred comfort level.

3. Enjoy your ride! tests the Kinekt Suspension Stem

It takes a bit of getting used to, but spend time with the Kinekt Suspension Stem and it brings some welcome relief on rough roads and tracks, especially if the distances you like to ride are on the long side. Weight weenies may baulk at the weight, though.

While you can tame the ride comfort of your gravel bike by tweaking the

Radical Electric Bikes Reviews Kinekt 2.1

The Kinekt Suspension Seat Post by Cirrus Cycles is a high quality seat suspension system based on a parallelogram design which moves with the whole body as the rider pedals over all types of terrain, providing a better connection from the rider to the surface and with the bike as a whole. These posts can be installed on all seats

Review By Propel: Best on the market!

"Adding a suspension seatpost to your bike is an excellent way to increase the comfort and soften your ride. The Cirrus Kinekt Seatpost is the top offering in our shop due to the ability to dial in the settings to your performance and comfort needs. We highly recommend it for anyone who is looking to upgrade their bike."


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Installation was a breeze as well as fine tuning. I’m back biking again and the difference between the old way of riding without the Kinekt and now is night and day. It was worth every penny and I highly recommend Kinekt to anyone, not only those with back problems but for anyone seeking greater comfort while biking.

– Harvey Stone, E-biker from Bellingham, WA